Transportation Policy, Plans, & Processes for Strong Regions

Our Mission
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Our Mission

Delivering transportation policy, plans, and processes that aim to do more than just comply, 3P Transportation Services helps regions strengthen their regional coordination and cooperation in transportation decision-making while advancing broader social, economic, and environmental goals, with practical measures and implementation strategies tailored to each region’s specific needs.

The 3 Ps: Policy, Plans, & Process

We explore transportation planning with regions across Washington state, including rural communities and those outside of federally recognized metropolitan areas.

All Services
Visioning, Strategic Policy Development, & Process Facilitation

Ensures clarity and forward momentum on regional transportation and related initiatives for all modes of travel

Programming of State & Federal Transportation Funds

In accordance with program requirements and in support of regionally established multimodal priorities

Development of Long-range Regional Plan

Resulting in a strategic blueprint to guide near-term and long-term implementation strategies and funding opportunities

Development of Unified Planning Work Programs

Guiding regional implementation activities in pursuit of regionally established priorities

Coordination of Practical Solutions with Regional Planning Processes

Better align regional processes and planning frameworks with recent shifts in project and program delivery oriented around practical solutions and design

Exploratory Scenario Planning

Focused on critical uncertainties outside the control of regional transportation agencies and which are consequential to regional mobility objectives, with the aim of supporting regional decision-making that is robust under a wide array of future conditions

Grant Writing

Secure implementation funding for work programs, projects, studies, and data collection efforts that advance regional transportation objectives

Meet Thera.

"I started 3P Transportation Services in order to focus on regional transportation issues and opportunities, particularly those in Washington’s rural communities outside of federally recognized metropolitan areas."

- Thera Black